Internationally Recognized Certification Courses by the International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners (ICAHP)

Welcome to Scholistico, where we offer internationally recognized certification courses in health and wellness domain. We’re excited to present our courses sanctioned by ICAHP, a pioneer in certifying professionals across the complementary and alternative health spectrum.

ICAHP Badge 2024

What is ICAHP?

Established to support holistic health practitioners worldwide, the International Compliance Assurance for Holistic Practitioners (ICAHP) is dedicated to promoting high standards in holistic health care. ICAHP certification is built on robust, evidence-based criteria that are designed to ensure practitioners provide quality, holistic care that meets international standards.

Benefits of ICAHP Certification

When you choose Scholistico’s ICAHP certified courses, you immerse yourself in unmatched training and reap the myriad benefits associated with ICAHP certification. These advantages include:

– A comprehensive certification curriculum that aligns with international holistic health standards

– Promotion of holistic care practices that enhance overall well-being

– Assurance of engaging training, with a global community of educated, trained, and certified holistic practitioners

– A certified course tailored to holistic health care, including areas such as behavioral health, cultural competence, and the foundations of holistic nutrition

How to become NCCAP certified

Achieving ICAHP certification is a clear and achievable goal. Simply visit the ICAHP website, meet the necessary educational and practice requirements, and pass the certification assessment. Once completed, you will earn your place as an ICAHP certified practitioner.


At Scholistico, we prioritize the importance of quality and authenticity in the holistic health sector. That’s why we offer ICAHP certified courses like the Art Therapy Practitioner Training, ensuring our learners not only gain professional accreditation but also high-quality training. Become ICAHP certified today and elevate your practice with an internationally recognized certification.