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Very interesting course and good online support. I hope to pass at the end of my exam.

Julia Scheppens

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Avatar of Asotha Asotha
Posted 1 day ago
Understading of life

Very resourceful information shared.

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Avatar of Sussan King Sussan King
Posted 2 days ago
Lots of Info

Some of the quiz questions were confusing or could have had two answers. But overall a great course with heaps of information

Preview Image
Avatar of Emil Emil
Posted 3 days ago
Helpful tools

The tools are very helpful. Thank you for sharing with the students.

Preview Image
Avatar of Emil Emil
Posted 3 days ago
Great content but can still be improved

I really enjoyed reading the content. However, it would have been more helpful if the content is being narrated by someone rather than just having the students read everything.

Preview Image
Avatar of Jacqueline Jacqueline
Posted 3 days ago
New Training 🙂

Great Information to start my learning

Preview Image
Avatar of Marina Marina
Posted 4 days ago
Feeling the animal by heart

Great Experience, Great Course, Great Excercises. This is a massive in knowledge course. This Course lost a star by me, since I dealed 3 times with a problem - one of those was a wrong answer given by a quizz - and never got any answer from Scholistico team up to know...The support is the worse ever had to deal with...

Preview Image
Avatar of Marina Marina
Posted 3 days ago

Sure, i.e. Quiz Module 7. Question: Which of the following are the principles of Reiki. Just for Today:
1. I will not worry
2. I will do my work Honestly.
3. I will thank God for my many blessings.
4. I will be Kind to every living thing.
You mark as correct option 4. I BeLieve that the mistake is in the question…Furthermore in quizzes 7,8,9 some correct answers are marked with *.
Thank you for the response, you can understand I have taken 2 courses already on Scholistico, I am waiting for the Nutrition course to start. – If you could kindly inform us when that will start, it would be great. – So you can understand that yes I think you offer quality courses, but considering my career it is important for Scholistico to keep being better and better, so that your certificates will have a greater visibility.
Thank you for your kind response.

Posted 4 days ago

Hi Marina,

Firstly, thank you for your kind words regarding the course content. We’re thrilled to hear you found value in it.

We deeply apologize for the oversight on our end regarding support. We genuinely value feedback from students like you, and it’s vital in helping us refine and improve. Due to the overwhelming positive response we’ve received recently, our support system has been a bit stretched, but we’re actively implementing a new system to handle requests more efficiently.

Could you kindly provide details on the quiz and specific question you encountered an issue with? We’ll make it a priority to investigate and rectify it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We’re committed to ensuring your experience with Scholistico is nothing short of excellent.

Warm regards,

The Scholistico Team

Avatar of Marion Marion
Posted 6 days ago
art is all senses......

very insightful. All ages, all senses are intertwined with art. Fascinating, I knew it would be!

Preview Image
Avatar of Meredith Thomas Meredith Thomas
Posted 1 week ago
This is a great learning tool.

I like the structure of the course and how it is broken down into subjects for the reader. It' s very user-friendly and packed with easy to understand information. It will be a handy reference tool that would be nice as an actual book in my personal library. I am well pleased.

Preview Image
Avatar of Adam Adam
Posted 1 week ago
I learned so many things

so many alternative to meds and healthy erbs i had to write many of them down in a notebooks recomend yall do the same cuhz

Preview Image
Avatar of Ashley Carson Ashley Carson
Posted 1 week ago
Good Information

This is not an actual course but great materials for future use.

Preview Image

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