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Life Coach and functional nutrition counselor


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I am a wife to an amazing husband who has been with me through so many blessings and trials in the last 24 years it’s unbelievable, We have 5 fantastic kids ranging in age from 23-12 (4 girls and 1 boy).  We live in Wasilla, Alaska, yes it’s cold and we do have fast food restaurants and Target, and no we don’t live in igloos or have polar bears for pets.  We have lived in Alaska all our married life.  I came to Alaska when I was 11 and my husband came when he was 5 days old and we’ve never left.

What set me on this path to life coaching, functional nutrition counseling and now holistic naturopathy?  Well in 2019, my oldest who was 19 at the time came home to visit one day and i notice her eyes were yellow and she had just spent the day before at the lake in the sunshine and was not a drinker…That was on a Wednesday, Saturday night she called me and said she had passed out at work and had a bad heache, she didn’t want to go anywhere but home so I told her we would go to the Dr. in the morning and told her fiance to keep a close eye on her.  Well we attempted to go to a doc in the box and they sent us straight to the ER saying they did not have diagnostics to treat her but no other info was given other than to go straight to the ER and not to stop for any reason.

We spent 3 days in the hospital trying to figure out what was going on in her body and after many tests, aa blood infusion and all they could give us was that she had mono or Epstein Barr and it had reacted with her body in a way that cause hemolytic anemia and we were referred to a hematologist.  We tried steroids, infusions of Rituxin, and IVIG. Not once did they suggest a vitamin supplement of folic acid b12 or iron.  I had to ask if those would be helpful.  Fast forward 3 years still fighting with the symptoms though they are moderately better, I decided to see what I could do as a mom that would help my family in their health journeys.  She also went to other Drs. for consults but said we were on the right track and doing the right things.  Well, she moved to a different part of Alaska and got a new Dr. who actually checked her iron levels and found out she not only had hemolytic anemia but also hemochromatosis as my hubby and I are both carriers of the gene.

So I started by obtaining a health/life coaching certificate and realized that was not what I actually wanted, though it had so great information that I used daily.  I then started looking into many programs and found the one that resonated with me.  I am currently still in school for my functional nutrition counseling certificate.  But I saw this set of classes and thought it would be a great fit to add to my repertoire.  So here I am…