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Welcome to our innovative and immersive platform, designed to inspire, motivate, and reward your hard work and dedication as you dive into our world-class online training courses.

Our unique gamification system offers you an engaging and dynamic learning environment that empowers you to achieve your personal and professional development goals.


How Does It Work?

As you progress through our courses and engage with our community, you’ll earn points, unlock achievements, and collect badges. These rewards not only celebrate your accomplishments, but also motivate you to push yourself further and maintain a consistent learning pace.

Our Point-Based Reward System

Our platform recognizes your efforts and achievements by awarding you points for specific actions. Accumulate points and watch your progress soar as you climb the ranks and unlock exciting new opportunities.

Points System:

Action Points Awarded Description
Course Completion 100 Award points upon successful completion of a course.
Passing an Exam 50 Award points for passing an exam associated with a course.
Community Leadership 15 Award points for creating a new post or forum discussion
Community engagement 5 Award points for creating a post or replying to an existing one.
Website registration 1 Award points for registering to Scholistico

Customized Learning Path

We understand that everyone’s learning journey is unique. That’s why we’ve created a flexible and adaptive platform that allows you to customize your learning experience. Choose the courses that align with your personal and professional goals, and let our gamification system guide you every step of the way.

Achievements to Celebrate Your Success

Unlock achievements as you reach significant milestones in your learning journey. These achievements serve as a testament to your hard work, dedication, and progress, inspiring you to strive for even greater accomplishments.

Achievement System (Coming Soon):

Achievement Name Requirement(s) Badge/Visual Indicator Description
Course Master Complete 5 courses Badge 1 Awarded to users who have completed 5 courses.
Exam Expert Pass 3 exams Badge 2 Awarded to users who have passed 3 exams.
Contributor Create or reply to 10 posts or discussions Badge 3 Awarded to users who have created or replied to 10 posts.
Group Leader Participate in 5 group discussions Badge 4 Awarded to users who have participated in 5 group discussions.

Thriving Community of Learners

Our gamification system is designed to keep you motivated and engaged throughout your learning journey. With every milestone reached, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, fueling your drive to continue pushing yourself further.

Stay Motivated and Reach Your Full Potential

Connect with fellow students and experienced professionals through our platform’s interactive forums, group discussions, and review system. Share your knowledge, exchange ideas, and support one another in your pursuit of personal and professional growth.

Friendly Competition and Leaderboards

Our platform offers leaderboards that showcase the top performers in each course and across the entire community. Engage in friendly competition and strive to climb the ranks while you expand your knowledge and skills.

Exclusive Rewards and Opportunities

As you accumulate points and unlock achievements, you’ll gain access to exclusive rewards and opportunities. These could include discounts on future courses, early access to new content, or invitations to special events and webinars.

Continuous Improvement and Skill Development

Our platform constantly evolves and updates, ensuring that you’re always learning the most relevant and up-to-date content. Stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve your skills and expertise, making yourself an invaluable asset in your chosen field.

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