Internationally Accredited Training Courses by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine IPHM

Welcome to Scholistico, where we offer internationally accredited training courses in the health and wellness niche. Our courses are accredited by IPHM, the largest leading independent professional accreditation board worldwide. In this page, we will highlight the value of IPHM accreditation and what it means for our customers.

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What is IPHM

IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) certifies alternative therapists, practitioners, healers, beauticians, and training providers for good and proper practice. If you see the IPHM Trustmark, you can trust that the therapist, practitioner, beautician, or training provider you are working with is of a high standard.

Benefits of IPHM Accreditation

When you choose Scholistico’s IPHM accredited courses, you not only receive top-quality training, but also enjoy the many benefits that come with IPHM accreditation. These benefits include:

  • Straightforward and affordable certification process
  • Professional recognition that you provide a standard of quality people can trust
  • Dedicated IPHM profile page to help reach thousands of potential clients
  • Low cost insurance discounts to cover your practice
  • Free monthly advertising to promote your services
  • Joining one of the largest professional therapist communities in the world

How to become IPHM certified

Becoming IPHM certified is simple and straightforward. Simply apply to be an IPHM member using the online application form. The IPHM board will review your application and follow up with any extra questions. If your application meets the board’s standards, congratulations, you are IPHM certified.


At Scholistico, we believe in the importance of quality and trust in the health and wellness industry. That’s why we choose to offer IPHM accredited courses, so our customers can enjoy the benefits of professional recognition and high-quality training. Get IPHM certified today and join the world’s largest professional therapist community.