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My background in my professional area is in Marketing Sales/Purchasing. In parallel, over the years, being passionate in area of therapeutical methods and natural healing I’ve studied Massage Therapy-General Massage Techniques, Reflexology,Presopuncture, Tui Na to became Therapist and additionally  I’ve studied myself about different methods of natural healing from Romanian old tradition.  That’s why now I am learning to became Naturopathy Practitioner.

I wrote a book about old ancestors and Romanian tradition in natural healing with medicinal herb and honey, some of my families natural remedies and stories and studies of medicinal herbs use from many Romanian Medicinal Specialists, ending with a proposal for some herbal remedies for bath-like a Natural Herbal Spa.

I love Nature and the sky with stars from my childhood. From my family, especially from my mother and grand-mother, I found the way to the natural healing as a main point of wellness for an harmonious life.

Over the years I’ve practice natural healing with medicinal herbs internal and external use, natural nutrition based on healthy products from countryside or direct from nature, massage at home for family members, combining Romanian traditional old natural methods of healing with vacation, trips and sports in Romanian Nature from the Black See to the Carpathians Mountains experiencing the healing with all elements of Nature (aer,sun- light,moon-light, sea-water, mineral-water, cold water, forest, wild greenfield, mountains etc) like an Alchemy of Soul, Mind and Body , not like a doctor, but like a child of Mother Nature and Father Sun.

I love people and my “human experience”:) that’s why I understand like Therapist that to listen , only to listen before every story of a man or a woman is the first step for the Soul healing for anybody. To understand the cause of any disharmony it is necessary to make a picture of Soul conditions listening and speaking with people, before any therapeutic recomandation.

Our Thracian-Geto-Dacian ancestors had a belief: “We are all the One and the One are all of us .”

At the same time, they believed that healing means: “First the Soul is healed, then the Mind and the Body’, this is what the therapeutic philosophies of our ancestors say about the vision of the Human Being as a Whole Being.