50+ Holistic Nutrition Recipes: Easy-to-Make Holistic Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


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Indulge in Nourishing Delights with Our Collection of 50+ Holistic Recipes to Revitalize Your Mind, Body, and Soul!

50+ Holistic Nutrition Recipes: Easy-to-Make Holistic Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Indulge in Nourishing Delights with Our Collection of 50+ Holistic Recipes to Revitalize Your Mind, Body, and Soul!

Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $14.95.

Our 50+ Holistic Nutrition Recipes Book includes:

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Rediscover Your Kitchen's Power with our Easy-to-Make Holistic Recipes

Have you been seeking a change in your eating habits that not just nourishes your body, but also invigorates your spirit and engages your senses? Are you uncertain of where to begin or overwhelmed by the abundance of information available? Maybe you are longing for a way to foster a healthier lifestyle that aligns with your holistic beliefs.

If you are ready to liberate your taste buds and equip them with the precious gift of health, then welcome! You are at the perfect destination.

Empower your culinary journey with our lovingly curated “50+ Holistic Recipes” book. This is not just a series of recipes – it is the secret to transforming your kitchen into a sanctuary of wellness and introducing you to the unlimited potential of nature’s bounty. Open this book and start a transformative gastronomic adventure that caters not just to your body, but your soul too.

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Unleash the Power of Nature in Your Kitchen with our 50+ Holistic Recipe Book

Picture a life where your daily meals become nourishing rituals, where each ingredient feeds your body, fuels your mind, and nurtures your spirit.

Visualize proactively infusing wellness and vitality into your life and the lives of your loved ones, all through the medium of food. Cookery that isn’t just about combating hunger but also about celebrating life, boosting energy, warding off illness, and embracing the spirit of holistic well-being.

Our 50+ Holistic Recipes book transforms this vision into reality and goes beyond it.

Venture through the pages of our specially curated book, where you’ll discover how to unlock the power of nature’s bounty and create food designed to invigorate, heal, and nourish from within. Every recipe in this book is a product of careful research and contains ingredients recognized for their medicinal properties for centuries in traditional health systems.

You’ll gain invaluable insights and skills to make thoughtful decisions regarding your daily meals, promoting wellness and vitality for yourself and those you care about.

Embark on this exciting culinary journey that marries taste, wellbeing, and sustainability with the magic of holistic cooking.

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The Modern Meal Menace: Culinary Chaos Nourishing Nothing but Negativity

Our modern life is flooded with fast foods, processed edibles, and ready-to-go meals, turning our kitchens into mere heat-and-eat stations rather than the vibrant epicenters of nourishment they should be. Our fast-paced routines have detoured us away from the wholesome nourishment and culinary arts of our ancestors, replacing them with calorie-heavy, nutrition-starved alternatives.

These convenient, but often nutrient-deficient, food choices coupled with sedentary lifestyles pose serious threats to our well-being. Traditional eating habits often focus on quelling hunger instead of fostering health, leading many into a spiral of fatigue, mood swings, and chronic diseases.

To reverse this culinary chaos, it’s high time we bring conscious cooking back to our kitchens and take charge of our health. By reconnecting with holistic eating habits and harnessing the power of nature’s bounty, we can foster greater health and vitality for our families and ourselves. This is where our 50+ Holistic Recipes book comes in. It’s time to take back our kitchens and our health. Time to start creating meals that do more than satiate hunger – meals that sustain life, promote optimum health, and satisfy the soul.

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Culinary Empowerment: Discover the Joy and Satisfaction in Holistic Cooking

It’s time to break free from the hustling culture of ‘instant meals’ and take a step toward conscious cooking and eating. It’s time to harmonize your meals with your body’s needs and embrace the celebration of life that is holistic food preparation.

Our 50+ Holistic Recipes book brings you more than just diet-friendly options. It invites you into a world of flavor, health benefits, and sheer joy of creation that extending beyond the realm of regular cookery.

By tapping into the emotional and spiritual aspects of preparing and sharing food, our book offers you the ability to create deeply satisfying meals that feed the body and nurture the soul. It provides a platform to express your creativity, care, and love through a beautifully laid-out table of nourishing meals.

Become the chain-breaker. Make the transformation in your kitchen that will reshape the narrative of “fast food culture”. Let’s evoke the joy of cooking and eating in our homes once again with our 50+ Holistic Recipes. This is more than a recipe book. It’s your initiation into a holistic lifestyle that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and rejuvenated.

Step into Tranquil Territory: Enrich Your Health with Our 50+ Holistic Recipes Book

Dive into the wonderland of holistic cuisine with our carefully crafted 50+ Holistic Recipes book. It’s an opportunity that allows you to explore the highly nourishing and invigorating channel of ancient and natural food preparation methods.

As you turn each page, you’ll discover the radiant world of natural ingredients, their profound healing properties, and how to effortlessly incorporate them into your daily meals. This book is designed to guide and inspire you on a journey that blends culinary art and science, taste, and therapy, all harmoniously together.

Each recipe triggers an adventure into expanding your culinary skills and enriching your knowledge of holistic nutrition. By gleaning the wisdom locked in these recipes, you’ll begin to cultivate a lifestyle that prioritizes wellness, energy, and vitality.

Don’t let this opportunity sail away! It’s time to revolutionize your kitchen, transform your health, and unleash the joy of preparing meals that uplift your spirit and enrich your being.

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Journey from Clueless to Culinary Masters: Our Evolution into the World of Holistic Recipes

There was a time when we were just like you, floundering in the sea of processed foods and instant meals. We were tired of knocking back takeaway boxes, of guzzling food that did little more than quell hunger, and left our bodies feeling drained, not nourished.

We yearned for something more satisfying and wholesome, something that could truly feed our bodies and nourish our spirits. Something that was powerful enough to turn around our sluggish health and steer us onto the path of true wellness.

Determined to make this change, we journeyed deep into the essence of traditional culinary practices, and herbal wisdom. We delved into the insights of our ancestors, who harnessed the power of nature’s bounty to feed, heal, and restore.

Every foray into the kitchen became a new adventure, a new experiment, and a new lesson.

Our determination gifted us not just improved health and a deeper understanding of ingredients, but also inspired us to extend these benefits to others – resulting in the creation of the 50+ Holistic Recipes book.

Overcoming Culinary Calamities: Trials and Triumphs on the Path to Holistic Cooking

Our journey wasn’t laid on a bed of roses. We wrestled with countless diets, experimented with fads, and oscillated dangerously between unhealthy extremes, hoping to stumble upon the SECRET to perfect health and vitality.

Every new attempt came with novelty, but left us defeated and feeling more adrift than before. We found ourselves questioning our understanding, reassessing our views, and battling doubts whether a truly holistic, healthy, and satisfying way of cooking and eating even existed.

There were moments of absolute frustration, of course. Moments when we felt like throwing in the towel, accepting the monotony of processed food. But even in the darkest hours, our belief in the potential of holistic cooking remained strong. We believed in the power of nature, the promise of its bounty, and our ability to harness it for our benefit.

With every failed attempt, we strived harder, explored deeper, and learned invaluable lessons which finally led us towards Holistic cooking. Our struggles weren’t our downfall, they were the stepping stones that paved the way to our life-changing 50+ Holistic Recipes book. We hope you will find our journey inspiring, as we invite you to embark on your own adventure towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Our 50+ Holistic Nutrition Recipes Book includes:


A Culinary Epiphany: The Dawn of Holistic Cooking

After countless trials, our breakthrough moment arrived when we began to reinterpret our approach to cooking and eating, directing it towards holistic wellbeing rather than mere palate pleasure. We realized that making food from scratch, using natural and unrefined ingredients, could change the way we lived and felt.

It was our Eureka moment – drawing on the wisdom of the ancients, aligning modern culinary practices with holistic principles, and acknowledging food as a potent tool for healing and well-being.

Each recipe we created became more than a meal – it was a harmonious blend of nutrition, taste, and energy. Every meal started serving dual purposes – quenching hunger and fueling body vitality. Our kitchen was no longer just a cooking space – it transformed into an energy hub, where every dish was crafted with love and respect, for both ingredients and our bodies.

Unveiling this secret to success completely transformed our perspective towards food. Now, we turn this key to you and invite you to unlock your cooking potential with our 50+ Holistic Recipes. Let this book be your guide on this voyage towards vibrant health and culinary satisfaction.


From Chaotic Kitchen to Holistic Haven: The Birth of our 50+ Holistic Recipes Book

Fueled by our culinary successes and growing passion for holistic cooking, we channeled our zeal into creating a definitive guide to holistic cooking – the 50+ Holistic Recipes book.

This book is the fruit of years of culinary trials, extensive research, and our personal love for nutritious, delicious food. We’ve meticulously designed this recipe collection, blending age-old wisdom with modern cooking techniques to help you navigate your way around the kitchen with ease.

Our 50+ Holistic Recipes book arms you with a reliable system that enables you to prepare meals with purpose and pleasure. It provides a series of recipes that steer you away from processed food and guide you towards dishes that brim with nutrients and taste equally delicious.

Every recipe is a stepping stone on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, connecting you deeper with nature’s bounty and your own well-being.


A Community of Holistic Cooks: Proven Success with our 50+ Holistic Recipes Book

Since the launch of our 50+ Holistic Recipes book, it has found its way into the hearts and homes of many enthusiasts like you. From just trying to eat healthier to those seeking a deeper connection with their food, we have been touched and thrilled by the outpouring of positive experiences.

Our community of holistic cooks has reported significant improvements in energy levels, reductions in various health issues, and an overall enhanced sense of well-being. Some have even shared delightful stories of rediscovering their love for cooking and witnessing a transformation in their relation with food.

It’s a testament to the power of holistic cooking and the profound impact it can wield on our lives. These are people just like you, who decided to take control, to choose better, to eat better, and live better. Their success underlines the potential that awaits you on your culinary journey with our 50+ Holistic Recipes book.

Here are the Exercises that you will be learning

Click on the title of the section to discover the detailed content of the book.

Dive into a collection of holistic breakfast recipes crafted to nourish your body at the start of your day. These energy-boosting recipes respect the principle of a balanced diet filled with natural ingredients, paving your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Section 1: Holistic Breakfast Recipes includes:

  • What Having a Holistic Breakfast Means: Discover the significance of a nourishing breakfast, how it sets the tone for your day, and the essence of infusing mindfulness into this crucial meal.
    • Exercise: Reflect on your current breakfast habits and how they could be improved to align with holistic principles.
  • Wholesome Recipes: Embark on your culinary journey through a range of 11 specially curated breakfast recipes that blend taste, nutrition, and simplicity. Each recipe carefully considers the nutritional balance, focusing on proteins, healthful fats, fibers, and complex carbs.
    • Recipe #1: Turmeric & Spinach Breakfast Omelet
    • Recipe #2: Chia and Berry Overnight Oats
    • Recipe #3: Golden Millet Fruit Bowl
    • Recipe #4: Buckwheat Banana Pancakes with Coconut Yogurt
    • Recipe #5: Sunrise Citrus and Ginger Juice
    • Recipe #6: Avocado and Chickpea Toast
    • Recipe #7: Spirulina Power Bowl
    • Recipe #8: Mediterranean Breakfast Skillet
    • Recipe #9: Savory Sausage and Vegetable Omelet
    • Recipe #10: High-Protein Peach Smoothie with Protein Powder
    • Recipe #11: Mixed Grill Breakfast Skewers (Carnivorous Breakfast).

Sharpen your culinary skills while feeding your body with the nutritious fuel it deserves to optimally function throughout the day.

Dive into the heart of your day with holistic lunch recipes designed to energize you and sustain your wellness journey. These recipes encourage balanced nutrition, mindful meat consumption, and a celebration of natural ingredients.

Section 2: Holistic Lunch Recipes includes:

  • What Having a Holistic Lunch Means: Understand the principles of arranging a nutritionally balanced mid-day meal, emphasizing body-fueling macros, mindful portion control, and sustaining energy levels.
    • Exercise: Reflect on your current lunch routine. How does it align with holistic principles, and what steps can you take to improve it?
  • A Note on Meat in Holistic Nutrition: Explore the role of conscientiously-sourced meats in holistic nutrition, understanding ethical and health implications.
  • Nutrient-Dense Recipes: Engage with an array of 12 diverse recipes celebrating vegetables, lean meats, legumes, and healthy fats. Each recipe has been crafted with holistic principles in mind.
    • Recipe #12: Spiced Chicken Meatballs in Hot and Sour Broth
    • Recipe #13: Chickpea & Spinach Coconut Curry
    • Recipe #14: Smoked Turkey & Grilled Portobello Mushroom Avocado Wrap
    • Recipe #15: Hyper-Carnivorous Bone Broth
    • Recipe #16: Grilled Sardines with Herb Salad and Citrus Vinaigrette
    • Recipe #17: Herb-Infused Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Creamy Garlic Mashed Cauliflower
    • Recipe #18: Beef Stir-Fry with Brown Rice
    • Recipe #19: Chicken and Mixed Greens Salad with a Honey Mustard Dressing
    • Recipe #20: Mediterranean Lentil Salad with Herb Dressing
    • Recipe #21: Baked Sweet Potato with Cottage Cheese & Arugula Salad
    • Recipe #22: Grilled Steak with Fries and Yogurt-Herb Sauce
    • Recipe #23: Roasted Vegetables Quinoa Bowl with Chicken
    • Recipe #24: Baked Falafel and its Tzatziki Sauce

Create your own mid-day feasts with these healthy, luscious, and fulfilling recipes bolstering your pursuit of lifelong wellness.

Wind down your day with a host of mindful dinner recipes that align with the principles of holistic health. These recipes focus on well-balanced nutrients, an array of delicious flavors, and the calming essence of dinner as a time for reflection and rejuvenation.

Section 3: Holistic Dinner Recipes includes:

  • What Having a Holistic Dinner Means: Understand the tenets of a holistic dinner that concentrates on balancing your nutritional intake, promoting mental unwind, and the social aspect of mealtime.
    • Exercise: Reflect on your current dinner habits, and identify areas of improvement for aligning your evening meal with holistic principles.
  • Main Course Recipes: Savor a selection of 10 dinner recipes fostering holistic living. Each recipe maintains a balance of high-quality proteins, rich fibers, and diverse nutrient sources, consisting of vegetables, grains, and more.
    • Recipe #25: Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Brown Rice Soup
    • Recipe #26: Zucchini Pesto Lasagna
    • Recipe #27: Tofu and Rice Noodle Ramen
    • Recipe #28: Baked Salmon with Roasted Asparagus
    • Recipe #29: Sweet Potato and Coral Lentil Soup
    • Recipe #30: Beef and Black Bean Burritos
    • Recipe #31: Nutrient-Boosted Whole Wheat Tortilla Pizza
    • Recipe #32: Savory Potato Puree with Glazed New Carrots and Rib Roast
    • Recipe #33: Rustic Tomato and White Bean Stew
    • Recipe #34: Lebanese Tabouleh with Grilled Lamb

Prepare delicious evening meals that don’t just satiate your palate, but also replenish your body, sculpt your eating habits, and support your holistic health journey.

Indulge your sweet tooth without straying from your path of holistic wellness with a selection of sweet snacks. Designed to delight your senses while nourishing your body, these recipes feature natural sweeteners and organic ingredients.

Section 4: Holistic Sweet Snacks includes:

  • What Having a Holistic Sweet Snacks Means: Discover the balance between satisfying your cravings and nourishing your body with health-conscious dessert choices.
    • Exercise: Take note of your current dessert favorites and think of how they can be tweaked to fit the holistic approach.
  • Healthy Sweet Treat Recipes: Tantalize your taste buds with a compilation of five holistic sweet snack recipes that incorporate natural sweeteners, whole grains, organic fruits, and other healthy ingredients.
    • Recipe #35: Nutty Chocolate Chip Date Energy Bites
    • Recipe #36: Chia Seed and Mixed Berry Parfait
    • Recipe #37: Pear Matcha Cake Recipe
    • Recipe #38: Honey-Sweetened Lavender Lemon Bars
    • Recipe #39: Almond Powder Chocolate Swirl Brownies

Experience the joy of indulging in sweet treats that pleasure your senses and promote your health.

Satisfy your cravings for savory with our assortment of holistic salty snack recipes. These recipes strike a balance between being flavorful and healthful, keeping holistic wellness principles at the forefront.

Section 5: Holistic Salty Snacks includes:

  • What Having a Holistic Salty Snack Means: Understand the essence of enjoying savory snacks in moderation and how to choose recipes that contribute to your health as much as your taste buds.
    • Exercise: Reflect on your go-to salty snacks and contemplate how you can substitute them with healthier, more holistic options.
  • Savory Snack Recipes: Experience an assortment of five carefully curated, savory snack recipes that inspire healthful indulgence by using organic ingredients, unrefined salts, and natural produce.
    • Recipe #40: Chickpea Flour Mini Pancakes
    • Recipe #41: Red Pepper and Feta Flan
    • Recipe #42: Caramelized Onion and Gruyere Puff Pastry Bites
    • Recipe #43: Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmas)
    • Recipe #44: Savory Cheese and Herb Muffins

Adopt healthier snacking habits without compromising on flavor by exploring guilt-free, savory fare that aligns with your holistic wellness journey.

Master the art of enriching your meals with homemade sauces, canned goods, and dips that intensify flavors while preserving the nutrients. This section offers you recipes that embrace the holistic approach, focusing on natural ingredients and mindful preparation.

Section 7: Sauces Cans And Dips includes:

  • What Having Holistic Sauces, Cans and Dips Means: Learn about the importance of replacing store-bought condiments, normally filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients, with homemade versions crafted with natural, wholesome ingredients.
    • Exercise: Assess the regular condiments in your meals and think of how you can create healthier, homemade alternatives.
  • Recipes for Nutritious Condiments: Challenge your culinary skills with a set of 11 diverse recipes for sauces, preserved goods, and dips. Each recipe emphasizes fresh ingredients, minimal processing, and healthful composition.
    • Recipe #45: Homemade Tomato Sauce
    • Recipe #46: Traditional Homemade Kimchi with Preservation Tips
    • Recipe #47: Pure Beetroot Hummus
    • Recipe #48: Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Dip
    • Recipe #49: Homemade Healthy Ketchup
    • Recipe #50: Sardine Rillette Dip
    • Recipe #51: Classic Chicken Liver Pâté
    • Recipe #52: Amlou (Almond, Honey, and Argan Oil Spread)
    • Recipe #53: Apple Cider Vinegar & Olive Oil Vinaigrette
    • Recipe #54: Basil and Balsamic Vinaigrette
    • Recipe #55: Homemade Vegetable Broth

Harness the power of nutrient-rich, homemade condiments and complement your meals with an extra punch of flavor, keeping your health journey enjoyable.

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Our 50+ Holistic Nutrition Recipes Book includes:


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Our 50+ Holistic Nutrition Recipes Book includes:


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The 50+ Holistic Nutrition Recipes Book features over 50 specially curated recipes aimed at maximizing health benefits through nutrition. Covering breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, each recipe is intended to support a holistic lifestyle and incorporates foods that nourish and heal the body from within.
The book is perfect for anyone interested in improving their health, wellness, and vitality through the food they eat. This includes individuals interested in naturopathy, holistic nutrition, as well as those wanting to incorporate more nutrient-dense, healing foods into their diet.
Yes, the book contains a broad range of recipes suitable for various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options. Each recipe is clearly classified so readers can easily navigate the book according to their dietary needs.
The 50+ Holistic Nutrition Recipes Book will be available for purchase on the Scholistico website and also in various online and physical bookstores.
Yes, the book is written by expert nutritionists and naturopathy practitioners who have extensive experience in holistic nutrition. Their expertise ensures that the recipes are both delicious and nutritionally balanced.
The book is available in both hardcover and ebook formats, allowing you to purchase the format that suits your reading preferences best.
Yes, each recipe in the 50+ Holistic Nutrition Recipes Book includes a detailed nutritional breakdown to help you understand the nutrients you’re obtaining from every meal.
Absolutely! We’ve made sure to include recipes with ingredients that are easily available at most local grocery stores or online. Whenever a less common ingredient is used, we provide suggestions for substitutes.
While the book cannot cater to all specific food allergies or intolerances, many of the recipes are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. We’ve done our best to provide a variety of options to suit different dietary needs.
Yes, if you bought the book directly from Scholistico and are not satisfied with the content, you may request a refund within 14 days of purchase. Refund policies from other retailers may vary.

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